Griscom "Gris" Bettle IV

Gris is a managing partner at Junta Capital. His focus at the firm involves sourcing and leading large scale projects with significant financial upside. Since joining Junta Capital, he’s led successful ventures in commercial real estate, large-scale residential real estate, investments in the restaurant, hospitality and entertainment space, and many others. Gris has a unique and unparalleled track record and an investor, executive and entrepreneur.

Gris has successfully started multiple successful businesses in the mortgage, entertainment, and restaurant businesses. He currently manages commercial and residential investment properties and is the managing partner of a multi-unit restaurant franchise called Chicken Kitchen.

Gris has is B.A. in Economics from Denison University. He is a member of several non-profit service clubs including Kiwanis International, Shriners International, and The Hernando Desoto Historica Society.

Gris is an avid Kite Surfer of ten years.